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Road to school

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Road to school

About results of the republican stock "Road to School" 
From August 1 to September 30, 2013 the sixth year in a row in the republic the charitable stock "Road to School" under the motto "Together we is carried out we create our future!". One of the main tasks of an action is assistance to school students from needy families which for the social reasons can't go to school. In the current year the action captured over 300 thousand children for the sum nearly 2 billion tenge, including more than 152 thousand children received the help from sponsors and patrons for the sum over 692 million tenges (in 2012 g - 1,7 billion tenge for 284 900 people).
Staff of the central government bodies also participated in an action (Ministry of education and science, Ministry of economy  and budget planning, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of transport and communications, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of environmental protection, Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of regional development, Ministry of public health, Calculating committee) by which it is assisted 362 people for the sum of 7 million 285 thousand 832 tenges (in 2012 - 1 million 299 thousand tenges for 46 children).
The constant partner of an action is the International charity foundation “Altyn Kyran” annually as well as in the current year, by them is assisted 25 children for the sum of 1 million 750 thousand tenges.
It is also necessary to note joint-stock companies such as "Kazaeroservice", "KEGOC", "Prodkorporation", "Kartel" (Beeline). By them it is assisted 541 children for the sum more than 4,2 million tenges.
The second problem of an action is identification of the children neosufficed by training.
For this purpose, the education organizations in the period of an action organized more than 568 thousand household rounds of microsites of the schools, about 29 thousand checks of dachas, offices of farms on identification of children of group of "risk".  Within these actions 31 children neosufficed by training for the social reasons are revealed.  Thanks to helped by sponsors all of them are returned in schools. 
In mass media about 2 thousand plots and articles on the stock "Road to School" are shined and published.
The information partner of an action was the Beeline Kazakhstan company.
Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

JSC Kazpochta opens the road to first graders
In a year of the 20 anniversary of JSC Kazpochta in all branches events within the stock "Road to School" will be held, transfers with reference to "Kazpochta's" press service. "The first the road to school to first graders was opened by Almaty mailers. The trade-union organization of Almaty branch JSC Kazpochta "Almaty post office" on the eve of Knowledge Day prepared festive gifts for 30 children of staff of post office", - is spoken in the message. Every year in Almaty the events dated for Knowledge Day are held, and this year first graders didn't remain unattended workers of mail. In a festive atmosphere to children handed over backpacks with school accessories: bright pencils, felt-tip pens, handles, multi-colored cases, writing-books, razukrashka, sketch pads, sharpeners, rulers.
"Today we arranged a grandiose holiday for our small school students who this year will go to the first class. For them the taking and bewitching world of knowledge which they will learn through textbooks and books just opens. It is pleasant that children realize, knowledge is how important, and that their future directly depends on the received knowledge. I congratulate on the study beginning, I hope that our gifts were pleasant to you, I wish good marks in diaries and huge desire to study", - told Lyubov Bykova in the welcoming speech.
For children the festive program was organized, they sang favourite songs, showed the talents in drawing, sketches and dances. Also kids showed sharpness and ingenuity, having guessed hard riddles and rebuses. Parents of kids expressed the gratitude for attention, support and care, and rejoiced to the beginning of academic year, it isn't less children.
"The Almaty post office" conducts active social work, supports needy families of workers, develops children's creativity. Within the 20 anniversary of JSC Kazpochta the competition "Mail Eyes of Children", participation in which accepted more than 30 children on May 31 was held. Children's drawings of kids decorate the foyer "Almaty post office".
ALMATY. On August 15, 2013, 12:30.

In Almaty the social stock "Road to School" begins

In Almaty the republican social stock "Road to School" as which initiator RK Ministry of Education and Science acts began. The purpose - to help parents to prepare from needy families children by new academic year. Such work is already conducted in the Bostandyksky district of the city, the district akimat press service reports. Last year "The road to school" was open for more than 100 thousand children who thanks to the carried-out action managed to be supplied with a school uniform, textbooks and other school accessories for the sum over 400 million tenges. This year the main emphasis will be laid on identification of the children neosufficed by training, prevention of school truancies, fixing of chiefs to needy families and children. Actions within the stock "Road to School" will last till August 30. At the same time in Almaty work on the organization of leisure of children in days of school vacation proceeds. So, within the annual stock "Relay of Our Summer" the day before the teenagers consisting on the accounting of ODN of the Almalinsky area, visited movie theater 7D "Cinema" "Maxima" Broadcasting Company. Charitable event is held by the device акима the Almalinsky area together with movie theater administration. On a choice more than 20 programs were provided to children: "A safari on a jeep", "In search of treasures", "Roller coaster", "Other world", "Million years B.C.", "A sea chasm", "Sea battle", "Alladin's Adventures", "Ali woman's Adventures", new rollers "Cheerful hills", "Taxi", "Snow races", "Roller coaster-2", "Jungle" and others.
National news agency "Kazinform", 10.08. 2013

Republican campaign "Road to School" in Kostanai region
To ensure compliance with the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child , to create conditions for sustained improvement in the quality of life of children from socially protected populations Kostanay is actively involved in charity VI -Republican "Road to School" (hereinafter - the action). Helping those in need - a noble mission, showing the triumph of Good and Mercy.
Today, thanks to the people who have been generous soul, hundreds of schoolchildren Kostanai region from low-income families and families, orphans and children left without parental care, prepared for the beginning of the school year.
August 29, 2013 at the State University "Center for Adaptation of the Office of Education Juvenile government Kostanay region" ( hereinafter - CAN) by the Office for the Protection of Children's Rights government Kostanay region (hereinafter - Management), together with the Commission on Women's Affairs , Family and Demographic Policy under the akim of Kostanai region ( hereinafter - the Commission) Shares held in the framework of the event " From a pure heart for children" , dedicated to the Day of Knowledge and support for children in difficult situations.
Pupils Zahn along with fantastic heroes Shapoklyak and Kot Leopold Knowledge traveled the country, performing various tasks, engaging in intellectual competitions .
With the start of the new school year children congratulated the Head of R. Sarsenova wishing guys fascinating discoveries of high inspiration in the knowledge of the world.
Chairman of the Regional Committee of the Trade Union of Workers Kostonay government , banks and public services R. Gaysenova in anticipation of school children presented a holiday gift in the book of sayings of great people.
Thankyou for employees Zahn daily selfless work , understanding , caring, wisdom and patience were heard from the Secretary of the Commission A. Klyshbekovoy .
The children presented to office supplies, educational games, for a total of 50,000 tenge.
Does not remain on the sidelines in the noble cause permanent partner of the Office of the limited liability company "Kar-Tel" with the brand name «Beeline». Continuing to exercise charity, "Kar -Tel" presented as a gift to pupils Zahn 15 school backpacks.
And now these kids kitted out with everything you need, go get a new knowledge base on September 1.
Traditionally, the annual celebration of the Action is proof of special public attention to the future of the country, are a continuation of a long journey to the spiritual and moral perfection and is actively developing a growing generation of Kazakh children .
The Office for the Protection of Children's Rights government Kostanai region

Republican campaign "Road to School" continues
From August 1 to September 30, 2013 , the sixth consecutive year, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republican holds a charity event "The Road to school."
In the current year , in order to implement a new social policy indicated in the Strategy " Kazakhstan - 2050 " event is held under the motto "Together we create our future! ".
The purpose of the action - to help and support students from low-income families , to draw public attention to the problems of children who, for social reasons, can not go to school.
 During the campaign period of more than 1 million children have received assistance totaling over $ 6 billion tenge. In this case, sponsors and patrons of the arts has received considerable assistance and support in the amount of 2.5 billion tenge.
Revitalized public authorities to provide mentoring to children. In the past year by public bodies more than 2 thousand children of socially vulnerable categories of aid received in excess of 23 million tenge. Leaders and experts from our Department helped raise the school 62 children who received gifts in the form of school uniforms , clothes , shoes , school supplies , briefcases , backpacks , worth about 2 million tenge.
According to the Department of Education regions on August 20 this year , assistance was provided to more than 41,000 children in the amount of about 400 million . Tenge, including more than 30,000 children have received assistance from sponsors and patrons of the amount of about 250 million tenge.
Today, in the departments of education, children's rights created databases of benefactors , annually providing assistance to needy children and families to gather in the school.
Work to create the necessary conditions to all students , especially students from low-income families in preparation for the start of the school year will continue until September 30.
During the rally, the main focus will make learning to identify the unreached children , prevention of school absenteeism, fixing bosses for low-income families and children to help raise the child in school.
Since the beginning of the action was organized more than 107,000 rounds of micro sites farmstead schools , more than 8,000 inspections villas, offices farms education authorities , child protection , interior, youth organizations to identify children at "risk" , including the homeless and neglected children disadvantaged children and migrants, are systematically evading the study engaged in the worst forms of child labor , etc.
In the organs of education and protection of children's rights work phone hotlines , public reception , which can address the family and the children who need help or advice . The Committee on Child Protection Ministry is a hot line - 74-25-28 , which may apply to any person . A similar line of work in regional offices and departments of education , the protection of children's rights. Anyone wishing to take part in the action may also refer to the Committee or to the departments of education to the residence for a list of children who need help.
In all regions during the promotion period from 24 to 30 August organized school fairs where you can buy school supplies at discount prices , and on 1 September in all schools across the country organized celebration of first-graders who go to school for the first time .
Media partner of the shares is a company Beeline Kazakhstan.

Astana can be purchased uniforms at a discount of to 50%
As past of the sixth annual republican action «Road to School» in the town square in Astana on 24 and 30 August will be the school fair. This was reported in the capital Department  of Business and Industry.
«This year`s fair will be attended by 28 entrepreneurs from  Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and Shymkent. During the action will be sold school uniform textbooks, education books for children school bags, briefcases, backpacks, handbags, stationery, school shoes and jackets, sweaters Coats and hosiery socks,» and the report. School uniforms and things can be purchased at a discount of up to 50%, and school stationery to 30%. Also in the town square for the duration of the Fair will held a concert program with participation of pupils Schoolchildren`s Palase, music and art schools of the city of Astana.  
                 , ASTANA. 14 august 2013

Welcome to the good of the children!

The world is not without kind people, and kind - much more than it might seem at first glance. Having lost the previous main landmarks of the life of the older generation and still looking for their new, people of all ages, religion and material wealth - everything is alien to the compassion when it comes about helping children with special needs in development. Perhaps, this feeling does not need more explanation. It is born in the depths of the heart, along with acute pain that is hard to live with.
Today, September 7, 2012, on the basis of Karaganda regional boarding school for children with learning disabilities at the initiative of the Committee of the rights of Child Protection, Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, the Corporate Fund "Zhuldyzay" (Astana), the Department for Child Protection Karaganda and the Office of Education of Karaganda region held another charity event "Welcome to the good of the children!" for children with special needs in the development of national action in the "Road to school." First-graders from 47 regional schools for children with impaired mobility- motor, visual, hearing, mental retardation were invited to participate .
Since the beginning of the school year Director of Child Protection Kiseleva IB, chief Esenzholova MO, chief specialist of education Mazhitova GK, representatives of the Corporate Fund "Zhuldyzay" Astana, parents and teachers came to congratulate the guys . The fund, first of all, takes care of children with special needs. Such holidays for kids they spent over Kazakhstan. This is not the first time. It is for their initiative for 7 years in a row is carried Republican Children's Art Festival. Foundation representative Syzdykova Saul wanted children excellent marks, good humor and all the best in achieving knowledge. And the key event was the presentation of kids school bags with all accessories.
Director of the Department for the Protection of Children's Rights, Irina Kiseleva Boleslavovna handed a letter of thanks to the representative of the Foundation "Zhuldyzay."
 Joy flooded the hearts of children, they were happy, and the parents expressed their gratitude and sincere words  to the organizers and sponsors of the event.
And then played, danced, sang talented young students of the regional boarding schools for children with special needs.
The event concluded with a joint photo of all participants on the memory.
Such examples of charity children are remembered, and perhaps in the future, many of them will seek to help those who are near.

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